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inch screens.〓Finally, Huawei show●cased its ○5G CPE Pro 〓mobile router, w〓hich is aimed ○at taking 5G conn○ectivity into the h■ome allowing for ●the transmission of 〓8K video in real t○im

e.ei or Please sca●n the QR Code■ to follow us on● InstagramPlease ◆scan the QR Cod●e to follow us on We●chatChina reject■s U.S. pos■ition on Huawe〓iChina rejects U●.S. position on Huaw■eiChina rejects ◆U.S. position○ on Huawei02-19-20■19 08:52 BJTBE〓IJING, Feb. 18&nb〓sp; -- Chines◆e Foreign Minist●ry on Monday 〓rejected the posit●ion of the United St●ates on Huaw〓ei, saying ●China hopes all co◆untries wi●ll abide by the

3K screen, a●s well as MateBook●s

pr〓inciple of fa●ir competition and j●ointly safeguard a〓 fair and non-d〓iscriminatory ●market envir〓onment.According to● reports, U.S. Vic〓e President Mike P◆ence warned ■its allies 〓to take seriousl○y "the threat" p◆osed by Ch■inese enterpri●se Huawei ○as they look f◆or partners to bu○ild 5G wireless inf■rastructure. H◆e made the remar○ks Saturday du●ring the Munich Sec●urity Confer◆ence.Reports also○ said that some○ U.S. officials rece●ntly argue◆d that under China〓's National Int◆elligenc

e Law compa■nies such as Hu○aw


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ZTE could● be compelled to h◆and over dat〓a or access to Chi◆nese intelligence.●"These are mistake●n and one-○sided inter●pretations ○of relevant○ Chinese laws,"● Foreign Minis■try spokesperson ■Geng Shuang sai■d at a news briefin●g.China's Na◆tional Intelligence ○Law not only● stipulates t■he obligations of 〓organizations◆ and citizens to sup■port the work o■f national in●telligence with〓in Chinese law, but 〓also stipulates t◆hat state ●intelligence should 〓abide by laws, respe●ct and protect

human■ rights, and● safeguard

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